EUJS' 40th Anniversary Gala!

Join us for EUJS' 40th Anniversary Gala on the 2nd of December in Brussels! Our alumni, partners, supporters and current student leaders are all part of the EUJS family! So whether you consider yourself an uncle, a distant cousin, a great-grandfather or mother, on the 2nd of December we'll all be together for the family reunion.


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Nation-State Bill opposes our Jewish values

The European Union of Jewish Students, reflecting Europe's Jewish youth community, values diversity and inclusiveness. We take pride in promoting interfaith and intercultural dialogue and work everyday to bring European minorities closer together. As we cherish Israel's commitment to the Diaspora, we expect it to uphold these basic and necessary values.

Summer U Preparation Weekend

Weekend in Budapest for our volunteers

EU Activism Seminar

*** APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN *** Join us in Brussels for a chance to hear from world-renowned experts, learn from influential global activists and discuss with key decision-makers in the EU on anti-Semitism, Israel and other important issues for our community as well as help bring a youth voice to the table.


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