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Nation-State Bill opposes our Jewish values

The European Union of Jewish Students, reflecting Europe's Jewish youth community, values diversity and inclusiveness. We take pride in promoting interfaith and intercultural dialogue and work everyday to bring European minorities closer together. As we cherish Israel's commitment to the Diaspora, we expect it to uphold these basic and necessary values.

EUJS Ambassadors to the UN seminar 2018

Will you be the next EUJS ambassador to the United Nations? APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

Far-right politician calls for ethnic cleaning of Ukraine

We call on all of us for whom Ukraine seems so far away to remember that we all share common European values, that the principles of inclusion are global and that we all should care and take a stand when fascism rears its ugly head!

Neo-Nazi group vandalizes Roma camp in Ukraine: and they're still an official NGO

After burning Roma camp, we call for the revocation of the official status as civil society organization of C14, who have on repeated terms been accused and found guilty of hate crimes and hate speech as well as their public condemnation by Ukrainian authorities.


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