EU: When will you listen? Ban Hezbollah in its Entirety!

The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), the umbrella organisation of 36 Jewish student unions from across Europe and the democratic and peer-led representation of roughly 160.000 young Jews in Europe, calls upon the European Union to take action in designating the Iranian-backed, Shi’a militant group, Hezbollah, as a terrorist organisation in its entirety. Read our open letter to President of the European Council Charles Michel:

'Germany's EU Council Presidency: Actions for a Safer, More Inclusive Europe'

Together with JSUD, the German Union of Jewish Students, EUJS is today releasing a 10 step action plan on what the German Presidency of the EU Council can do to make Europe a more inclusive place for Jewish Students, the Jewish community more broadly and for all those living here.

Act for Roma Lives!

Join us in standing in solidarity with Roma in times of crisis! Jewish Rights are Roma Rights and Roma Rights are Jewish Rights!

Tikkun Olam in Action: EUJS Human Rights Academy

Apply now for Tikkun Olam in Action: The EUJS Human Rights Academy, a new EUJS Programm to focused on Human Right's, their Jewish connection and how to campaign effectively.


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