EU Activism Seminar

*** APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN *** Join us in Brussels for a chance to hear from world-renowned experts, learn from influential global activists and discuss with key decision-makers in the EU on anti-Semitism, Israel and other important issues for our community as well as help bring a youth voice to the table.

The EUJS Union Accelerator through the eyes of the UGEI: from Jewrovision to a pan-European Jewish experience.

Read about the experience of the Italian Union of Jewish Students (UGEI) at the 1st Cohort of the EUJS Union Accelerator. Building connections, learning from each other, experiencing the Jewrovision and much more!

EDUCATION, NOT CRIMINALISATION - Jewish Students Stand Against the Holocaust Bill Passed by Poland

The student activists of the European Union of Jewish Students supported by the student activists of the World Union of Jewish Students and by powerful voices around the world will continue to nurture the memory of the Shoah through an unshakable pledge to education and dialogue. We hope that the Polish Government will follow in our footsteps.

EUJS Board meets in Berlin

A productive and effective weekend in Berlin

EUJS at the AJC Berlin European Forum on Antisemitism

EUJS’ Board members joined European Jewish representatives at the 9th Annual Meeting of the European Forum on Antisemitism in Berlin, hosted by AJC Ramer Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


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