EUJS General Assembly, Online, 27 December 2020

RESOLUTION - IHRA Working Definition of Antigypsyism


European values - respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law - are threatened by antigypsyism and

ongoing prejudice and discrimination faced by Roma remains a key challenge for achieving equality in Europe.

Antigypsyism is the root cause of the exclusion of the Roma people. It is a specific form of racism against Roma, Sinti, Travellers, and others stigmatised as

'gypsies' (7). Currently, in European societies, antigypsyism is supported by high levels of social acceptance and a lack of recognition and understanding of

its existence and its manifestations. In order to better fight antigypsyism it is essential:

1. To understand that antigypsyism is not a 'minority issue'. In order to combat antigypsyism, our attention needs to shift from 'the Roma' to the ideology

and behaviour of mainstream societies;

2. To empower those dramatically affected by antigypsyism; Roma leadership, participation, and empowerment are crucial in order to overcome the long-

lasting effects of antigypsyism;

3. To understand that 'Roma inclusion' will remain illusory as long as we do not confront antigypsyism as the root cause of exclusion.

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. That antigypsyism is the specific form of racism towards Roma, Sinti, Travellers, and others who are stigmatised as 'Gypsies' in the public imagination that

is under no circumstances acceptable;

2. That fighting against antigypsyism, similarly to other forms of racism and discrimination such as anti-Black racism, islamophobia, and homophobia, is at

the core principles and values of the European Union of Jewish Students and its membership;

3. The adoption of the EU Roma Strategic Framework on Equality, Inclusion and Participation 2020-2030 by the European Commission is a key guideline for

Roma inclusion(8);

4. The legally non-binding working definition of antigypsyism adopted by all the 34 States of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA),

including all the examples included therein(9) is an important tool;

5. That discrimination should be defined in order to be able to fight against it;

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. Affirm its commitment to tackling antigypsyism in all its forms;

2. Adopt and apply the IHRA Working Definition of Antigypsyism, including all the examples included therein;

3. Encourage Member Organisations, NGOs, political groups, governments and others to adopt and apply the IHRA working definition of antigypsyism with

its examples;

4. Take appropriate disciplinary action when instances of antigypsyist speech or action occur among its leadership, Secretariat, volunteers and Member


5. Provide opportunities for educational training and awareness-raising on antigypsyism;

6. Publicly denounce actions that are antigypsyist based on the aforementioned definition.

(7) More information on antigypsyism available at

(8) Available at

(9) IHRA Working definition of Antigypsyism,available at: