EUJS General Assembly, Burgas – Bulgaria, 30 August 2018

RESOLUTION - Fostering Diversity in the Jewish Community

The European Union of Jewish Students believes:

1. The strength of the Jewish community arises from its diversity, and this should be celebrated.

2. Diversity is an essential component of Europe's Jewish youth community.

3. As the representative of European Jews, it is EUJS' duty to ensure this diversity is showcased and treasured as often as possible, and that all Jewish Youth are able to partake in EUJS activity.

4. As the pan-European representative body of Jewish youth, EUJS is committed to bridging divides, and ensuring all Jewish youth feel a part of the European Jewish community.

5. EUJS is a non-partisan organization.

The European Union of Jewish Students resolves:

1. To work to empower all self-defining Jewish youths in line with EUJS' mission statement and values.

2. To work to make EUJS events and programmes more inclusive wherever possible, minimising and removing barriers to participation.

3. These efforts will pertain to:

3.1 Religious practice

I. Trying to ensure multiple minyanim/services for different denominations

II. Kosher food available at EUJS events and seminars

III. Accommodating Shabbat observance within EUJS programming

3.2 Financial capacity

I. Providing financial aid on a case-by-case and country specific basis

3.3 Balanced participation

I. Ensuring geographical balance within participants, lay leadership and secretariat, taking into account that 27%* rounded up, of all European Jews reside in Eastern Europe

II. Ensuring gender balance within participants, lay leadership and secretariat

III. Incorporating diverse representation of Jewish cultural traditions (Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahi and others)

3.4 Participation of the LGBT+ community

I. Ensuring programming is inclusive of Sexual and Gender minorities

3.5 Political views

I. EUJS engages in dialogue with all political and otherwise interested parties, deciding this on a case by case basis.

3.6 EUJS will work towards ensuring programming is inclusive and accessible to those with special needs.