EUJS Executive Director

EUJS Executive Director


Application deadline expended to 20th of October 2021!

❓Are you excited about managing an ever-growing organization committed to psitive Jewish identity and European values?

✅Great! You will get to develop organizational strategies, manage a dedicated young team and manage partnerships with global Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and institutions!

❓Are you excited about helping others grow?
✅Great! You will get to mentor staff, interns, volunteers and fellows, train incoming staff, make sure everyone is effective and create opportunities for growth of the office team!

❓Are you a skilled financial manager?
✅Great! You'll get to oversee EUJS' finances, fundraise, seek grants and liaise with our bookkeeper, accountant, auditor and bank.

❓Are you looking forward to managing large-scale events no one will ever forget?
✅Great! You will get to oversee the logistical, financial and programmatic success of 300+ participant events, as well as trainings, seminars and workshops!

❓Are you curious to learn more?

✅See the full job description here