EUJS and the WSCF-E join forces for a seminar on Religion and Politics this autumn

EUJS and the WSCF-E join forces for a seminar on Religion and Politics this autumn

Are you interested in religion?

Are you interested in politics?

Are you up for controversial and moral discussions?

Are certain laws in your country affecting your religion?

Would you like to learn more about multiculturalism, European laws and religious freedom?

Would you like to meet fellow students from all over Europe and of different faiths?


In many European countries policies are being discussed which if put into law will affect people’s religious and cultural practices. These controversial subjects represent wider moral debates and should therefore only be discussed on a basis of mutual respect. Examples of such contentious issues are: School prayers, ritual slaughter, sex education in public schools, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and religious symbols in public institutions. How does religion fit in a changing secular and multicultural Europe and what are the limits of freedom of religion? During a five-day programme of workshops, lectures, and small group discussions we will build a platform upon which to discuss these controversial topics.     


What?         A joint conference on religion and politics in Europe by EUJS and WSCF-E.
When?        17th* - 23rd October 2015.

Where?    Litomysl, Czech Republic.
Why?         To have fruitful encounters of opinions, create mutual respect and understanding.

How?        Fill out and send this application form before the 15th of August.

Link to application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1I7FbSsWZigNmbXYzRIB1i3BSsYuJkYT_b_sSrqmbnNY/viewform?usp=send_form

Participation fee: 120€  (If you have any difficulty funding your attendance, please contact us at: october.conference2015@gmail.com)


The organizers will do their best to accommodate all religious/spiritual requirements communicated by participants in advance.

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