Help make it clear: the European Parliament is no place for racists and bigots!

Help make it clear: the European Parliament is no place for racists and bigots!

“The rise of populist and right-wing parties across Europe is a worrying development.”


You’ve been hearing and reading this all around, presumably. But what is really the big deal, you may ask?


In light of the upcoming European Parliament elections, these parties plan to form a coalition to effectively target the democratic values on which the EU is built on. It is justified to assume that this coalition will attack and block the Parliament’s efforts to address concerns of minority groups such as Roma, Jews, LGBTQ, Muslims and Migrants, and will actively work to desintegrate the Union - that includes the freedom of movement around Europe.


Seeing European youth adapting and further pushing this worrying right-wing ideology by forming an alliance of their own called “Young European Alliance for Hope” (YEAH) is even more frightful.


Why? Because the political parties behind this newly formed youth movement are openly using hate speech and racist rhetoric: At the launch of their new youth movement, FPÖ's top candidate for MEP, Andreas Mölzer, compared EU bureaucracy with Hitler's Third Reich and also stated that the EU was in danger of turning into a "conglomerate of Negroes".

And although Mälzer has pulled out of the European elections following the controversy over his flagrant statement the right wing youth movement still poses an imminent threat to European values.


We at the European Union of Jewish Students strongly oppose this newly formed alliance and are taking a stand against the rise of these right-wing and populist parties.


How? We are about to launch a Europe-wide campaign to draw more attention to the threat which these parties pose - Not only to Jewish life, but to the democratic values the EU is based on and which concern everyone.This recent alliance of right-wing youth further affirms our believe that we, the European Youth, have to unite and take a stand against, not for populist parties in Europe, and that the most effective way to do so is to engage our peers and to vote in the upcoming EU elections!


For further information about our upcoming campaign, email our EU Affairs Fellow Benjamin Nägele and check our website www.eujs.org.

Vote for the Europe you want to live in - Don’t sit this one out.

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