Reflections on the UN Ambassadors Seminar - Dina Mouyal Amselem

Reflections on the UN Ambassadors Seminar - Dina Mouyal Amselem

The Ambassadors to the UNHRC Seminar was a truly amazing experience - a "once in a lifetime experience”.

The seminar lasted 5 days and whilst they were intense and action packed, the experience was second to none. I got to meet incredible and inspirational people through this journey - we spoke with Hillel Neuer, Nathan Chicheportiche, the Representative of the Israeli Mission at the UN, the Representative of the EU Mission in the UN and YAIR LAPID! It was incredible to be able to hear them speak to us in a closer and more personal way than we usually do through the media. We also did a workshop on International Humanitarian Law, which showed us how tough it actually is to take decisions or at least provide advice on military operations and strategies in the field.

I arrived in Geneva with almost no expectations as I barely knew what to expect from this seminar. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to understand how the UN works, how they take decisions, WHO takes them and why Israel gets so much attention in the UNHR Council. And, I must say, I got back home with all of those questions more than answered. Being able to actually hear the speeches on Item 7 from the HRC Agenda was interesting but also frustrating at the same time. To hear most countries and organisations give speeches repeating the same statements without facts and having a whole item on their agenda for Israel was difficult to hear.

I’m extremely grateful for being able to share my speech on Item 7 in the Council representing EUJS, it was an honor! But most importantly, I realised how important our presence is, the presence of EUJS, in the HR Council. As Jewish students and activists, it’s our responsibility to defend Israel, mostly when Israel itself and the Israeli-friendly countries boycott this precise Item. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the EUJS team and my seminar colleagues for all of the support before and during my speech and for making this seminar a unique experience. Thank you EUJS!

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