EUJS participated in European Jewish Congress executive meeting In Prague

EUJS participated in European Jewish Congress executive meeting In Prague

EUJS is honored to have been invited to the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Executive meeting in Prague 16 May 2012. Jewish community leaders from all across Europe gathered for one day in the breathtaking  capital of the Czech Republic to tackle current issues and challenges of  Jewish communities, share obstacles and strengthen the relations between  the Jewish communities of Europe. 

The distinguished EJC delegation met Prime Minister of the Czech Republic 

Petr Necas in the governmental Lichtenstein palace to discuss new  threats against the Jewish community.

EUJS, represented by its president Andi Gergely, presented the situation of Jewish youth in Europe, spoke about the challenges and opportunities of Jewish student unions throughout the continent and emphasized the importance of strengthening Jewish student movements in order to guarantee Jewish continuity in Europe. 

Furthermore, Andi Gergely introduced the new and exciting leadership track at Summer U, enabling Jewish student leaders to learn about the challenges of Jewish communities and youth in Europe, share best practices and


campaigns, exchange experiences with student involvement and volunteer management and create a common agenda to fight against Anti-Semitism aswell as rising radical and extreme voices in Europe. 


We would like to congratulate and thank the European Jewish Congress for organizing such a crucial meeting, and for inviting EUJS to be a part of it. 

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