Upcoming General Assembly

Upcoming General Assembly

Dear Jewish Student Union,

Hello from your EUJS steering committee 2017.

We hope you are looking forward to Summer U and the General Assembly this year!

The EUJS General Assembly (GA) will take place this year at Summer U
in Greece on 31st August 2017 and by now you must have received the draft agenda. Here the last necessary information before we finally get started:


Should you wish to run for the Presidium (Board) of EUJS or for
President of EUJS, you will need to declare your candidacy by August
1st 2017 by sending in the following documents:

  • A cover letter and a picture (max. 250 words), in which you will briefly and clearly expose your motivations and objectives for the position.

Please don't forget to specify for which position you are running at the beginning of your letter.

  • A support letter from your Union, stating that they are nominating you for the 2017 elections for EUJS Presidium or EUJS President


During our General Assembly in France, an amendment has been voted, specifying the criteria that need to be completed by each member union in order to be counted in the Quorum of the General Assembly, and then be eligible to vote.

Therefore, in order to be able to vote in the upcoming General Assembly, your union must qualify as "active".

In order to be validated as an "Active Member" of EUJS, every "Effective Member" must submit the documents and information mentioned below to the Steering Committee of the General Assembly:

Email steering@eujs.org with at least 2 of these documents (mandatory):
  1. - Activity Report not older than 24 months
  2. - Reports of activities i.e. :
    • Videos of activities
    • Flyers/brochures of events
    • Links to Facebook events
  3. - PV of last General Assembly (not older than 18 months)

PROXY VOTE: Your Union won't be at Summer U, but you want to vote?

The deadline for sending proxy letters is August 27th 2017, should you wish someone else to carry your vote at the GA.

If you have any questions about this, please email steering@eujs.org.

3) If you are no longer involved or the contact details for your Union
have changed, please email us (steering@eujs.org) with the correct

We count on every member Union of EUJS to be present at the GA to
exercise it's voice. Jewish student communities across Europe need
strong representation, and you are that representation.

We look forward to being in touch soon. Should you have any questions
regarding the running of the General Assembly, please email

Best wishes,

EUJS Steering Committee 2017

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