This is your EUJS Board 2019-2021!

This is your EUJS Board 2019-2021!

We are back from Summer U where we were part of an exciting election and general assembly, seeing passionate candidates going head to head to win over the crowds. Besides the elections, the first part of the General Assembly saw passionate motion debates, from protecting our environment to adopting a two-state solution policy.

We are excited to present to you the new board and president for EUJS! The board cant wait to get started, and has already held a first introductory meeting in Spain as well as planned the next two.

First of all, meet our new president, Bini Guttmann!

Bini is from Vienna, and has been building up and leading the Austrian Union of Jewish Students (JöH) over the past 3 years, while studying law and political sciences. He is excited to lead EUJS to become a more activist organisation, to lead to reach more people and create more interesting events. In his speech on the last day of summer, he said: "I have a big request to each and every single one you: If you aren't already, get active in your local Union, get active with EUJS. Whether you care about Jewish Identity, fighting the Far-right, combatting BDS, ensuring that there´s kosher food on your campus, avoiding exams on Jewish holidays, finding a Jewish response to today's big questions of humanity, such as climate change - but also, ensuring that Jewish Student have fun – there's space for each and every one of you and we need each and every one of you! Together we can transform the future of our communities, our campuses and our continent"

Working together with Bini and the Secretariat of EUJS will be your new board, which consists of:

Alessia Gabbianelli - Italy

Dana Winter – Austria/UK

Elsa Pariente – France

Olaf Stando – Poland/Sweden/UK

Ruben Gerczikow - Germany

Shota Mirilash - Russia

Vanina Meyer - Switzerland

Viktor Eichner – Hungary

We also would like to thank Jonathan Braun, Klara Vesela and all the other candidates who ran in this election, for investing your time and energy in a campaign for a cause that matters to you.

We can't wait to get started and look forward to meeting you on your campuses or at EUJS events. Please feel free to contact any of us at any point if you have any questions!

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