EUJS Summer U 2021 Covid-19 Rules

EUJS Summer U 2021 Covid-19 Rules

In consultation with the EUJS Medical Advisory Committee, EUJS is committed to enforcing policy and procedures for all individuals at EUJS programs to ensure the health and safety of our community during Summer U 2021. This summer we anticipate that our Summer U experiences will look different than "normal" due to COVID-19. While news and information about COVID are ever-changing, we are continuously updating how Summer U will be affected. EUJS is working to prepare the necessary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to keep all participants, staff and speakers healthy. We will continuously update our protocols based on the recommended guidelines issued by the EUJS Medical Advisory Committee, as well as European and local governments, with specific attention given to Italian guidelines.

These are the Covid rules for Summer U 2021 (subject to change):

  • - All participants must be fully vaccinated to access the event venue. Proof of vaccination must be sent via mail to summeru@eujs.org
  • - All participants must provide a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours before arrival. The PCR tests will be checked before boarding shuttle buses.
  • - Regarding PCR tests, only official paper and digital certificates are accepted.
  • - Random rapid antigen tests will be performed on participants daily.
  • - Distance must be kept using alternating seats; roommates may sit next to each other. Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • - On-site, there will be clear signage regarding the Covid-19 protocols understandable for both international and local people.
  • - Sessions will - when possible - take place outside. If they take place inside, masks have to be worn.
  • - At the entrance of the indoor space, the temperature of participants will be measured.
  • - For each space of the location, the maximum capacity will be defined, indicated at the entrance to each space.
  • - Access to the spaces will be blocked once the maximum number of people has been reached.
  • - During meals, the mask must be worn all the time, except when sitting at the table to eat the meal.
  • - Between the tables in the restaurant area, there will be more than 2 metres of distance.
  • - The list of participants present in the location will be kept for 14 days from the end of the event for tracing purposes.
  • - In the pool area, umbrellas and sunbeds will be set up with distance in between.
  • - The capacity of people in the pool will be limited, counting the capacity by reserving 4 m2/person.
  • - All local regulations must be respected.
  • - Any participant experiencing Covid symptoms or feeling unwell should report himself immediately to the staff to deal with the situation accordingly and maintain a safe Summer U.

Participants that do not meet these rules will not be permitted to (participate in Summer U 2021. Participants who break these rules during Summer U will see their stay be terminated and will receive no refund nor compensation.

Through these rules, we aim to make Summer U as safe as possible for everyone.

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