EUJS celebrates #8NightsOfGiving

EUJS celebrates #8NightsOfGiving

This year, EUJS launched it's Chanukah campaign which aimed to highlight a different European charity or cause each night under the hashtag #8NightsOfGiving. The campaign was successful with people taking part on social media, as well as gaining support from partnered charities. Below is a full list of all the charities/causes that were highlighted during the campaign.

1st night - WUJS' #Hope4Hanukkah campaign

2nd night - UJS' "Shed Some Light" campaign (UK & Ireland)

3rd night - Latet (Israel)

4th night - Naga (Italy)

5th night - Save a Child's Heart (Global)

6th night - The Johan Cruyff Foundation (Netherlands)

7th night - Jewish Care (UK)

8th night - Children of Aremina Fund (Armenia)

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