The Troll of the Month - March 2018

The Troll of the Month - March 2018

Belgian Het Laatse Niews website (HLN) has corrected a deceitful article, after the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) sent them a complaint letter.

In an article published on 6 March 2018, journalist Miriam van den Broek reported about a wedding procession that stopped on the A12 highway in north Belgium and created disruptions. The headline of the article stated: "Turkish wedding procession creates chaos in Zeeland". Further down in the text, Ms van den Broek mentioned again that the procession was Turkish.

However, the police press release never stated that the wedding procession was Turkish or that it had any relation to the Turkish population in Belgium. Other newspapers and news agencies did not attribute any nationality to the people in the procession.

This error was spotted by the EUJS monitor, while monitoring the media for Get the Trolls Out. He sent a letter to HLN asking to confirm that they received the information on the nationality of the people in the procession from trustworthy sources and, if not, to correct the article.

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