The Troll of the Month - January 2018

The Troll of the Month - January 2018

German paper Bild was pushed to change a deceptive and xenophobic headline, after social media outburst accused them of fearmongering.

People on Twitter, including a politician from the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDL), successfully called out Bild for fuelling racism through sensationalistic and misleading headline.

The headline, which appeared on 7 January 2018 on Bild.de, said "four out of five refugees do not pass the German language test". The preview page of the article continued: "the goal of the federal government is for the refugees to learn German as quickly as possible. But the results are sobering. With BILDplus you can read about how much the taxpayers are paying for the German language courses and why, after 1300 hours of lessons their language isn't at the level to satisfy even helper-status jobs."

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