Noam Yossef's address to the UN Human Rights Council

Noam Yossef's address to the UN Human Rights Council

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Thank you Mr. President,

My name is Noam Yossef and I speak on behalf of the European Union of Jewish Students, an umbrella organisation representing 35 national Jewish student unions.

We would like to raise our concerns regarding the increasing numbers of antisemitic incidents on university campuses worldwide.

In the United Kingdom alone,

  • Swasticas were found on campus in Birmingham

  • In York Jewish society, the president was recently offered financial compensation due continuous antisemitic abuse

  • Oxford university Labour club is undergoing investigations following allegations of antisemitism

In Poland, a national survey by the Centre for Research on Prejudice found that 63% of Poles still believed in a global Jewish conspiracy, whilst 90% of respondents had never met a Jew before. This survey came in alongside reports of desecration of jewish cemeteries.   

These are only a few examples. Jewish student activists worldwide suffer from continuous harrassment both verbally as well as through various social media platforms.

Once again, we witness serious threats to the safety and security of Jewish people in Europe, and more specifically of the young generation of Jewish students on campuses worldwide.

Nowadays, we see a significant rise in antisemitic incidents amongst the young generation. Strong presence on campuses of divisive movements such as the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions further create an increasingly hostile environment for Jewish students at universities worldwide. Too often we have witnessed the BDS movement as being a catalyst for antisemitic incidents on university campuses.

Mr. President, it is time that this body stands up for the rights of Jewish people across the world. An increase of antisemitic incidents amongst the young generation raises important concerns regarding the efficiency of previous work in education of tolerance and acceptance of all people no matter origin, nationality, race, gender, or religion.

We urge this council to take action to ensure Jewish people feel safe and welcome worldwide.

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