Jewish students organization awarded European Citizen's Prize

Jewish students organization awarded European Citizen's Prize

The European Jewish Press

The prize was awarded to the EUJS for their achievements and activities, demonstrating exceptional commitment to promoting mutual understanding and better integration between the peoples of EU member states and for work promoting a greater

awareness to genocide.


The EUJS was lauded for its partnership with the European Union and activity which engaged in cross-border cultural cooperation in the long term, helping to strengthen the European spirit and contribute to further European integration.


Receiving the prize on Friday, EUJS President Benjamin Zagzag said: “The EUJS is proud and honoured to be awarded such a prize. There is no doubt that it will be of huge benefit to EUJS and European Jewish students, who are highly politically motivated and proud to see their efforts lauded.”


The European Union of Jewish Students is an umbrella organisation of 34 national Jewish student unions in Europe and the FSU.

The organization says it is representing over 200,000 Jewish students.


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