Dina Mouyal Amselem's address to the UN Human Rights Council

Dina Mouyal Amselem's address to the UN Human Rights Council

Thank you Mr. President,

My name is Dina Mouyal and I represent the European Union of Jewish Students. As young activists, our generation feels great responsibility to ensure constructive dialogue and strive for peace. 

With this speech we therefore demand a strong, well-functioning unbiased UN-Human Rights Council.

The number of resolutions condemning Israel proves that the Council's position is far from being objective. Six reports and five resolutions on Israel will be discussed in this session alone. Yet the council remains silent about mass killings, obscene human rights violations of which some are being perpetrated by the council’s own member states. Item 7 is the only permanent item on the agenda of the council related to one specific state. Thus, Israel is the only country that is being singled out. By that the Council loses its focus, due to its obsession with Israel. The UN special Rapporteur's mandate focuses only on Israel's violations; and the reports are not being re-evaluated.

Lastly, as we face it on university campuses, the UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly passed motions that follow the ideas of the BDS; the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. Due to its aggressive nature, the BDS targets Jewish students, boycotts peace activists on both sides and it doesn't support the two state solution. 

In conclusion, once the UN Human Rights Council will stop undermining the international communities' credibility, will be the moment it can actually start functioning as a neutral party, laying the foundations to empower Israel and the Palestinians towards a peace process. 

Let us make sure that what the hundreds of protesters outside of this very building claim, is being heard; that there are no more double standards.

Thank you.

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