New Team: First Board Meeting (Brussels)

New Team: First Board Meeting (Brussels)

Date: 10/10/2015

Event type: Training

Organized by: European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Board members, from left to right: Noam Yossef (UK), Raquel Ruah Arie (Portugal), Nethanel Cohen Solal (France), Barbora K. Majling (Slovakia/Austria), Hester van Trommel (Netherlands), Amit BelaitÄ— (Lithuania), Talia Bidussa (Italy) and Ofer Rosenblat (Austria). 

We were happy to host the European Union of Jewish Students' newly elected board members at our first Board Meeting in Brussels. Every board member is both active at their own local union and responsible for several other member unions of EUJS. 

In order to get a feeling for what EUJS does and what roles the board members will play, we were introduced to various bits of information related to EUJS. The board heard inspirational stories about the history of EUJS and what it used to look like before. Members were also informed about the EUJS's operational strategy, internal structure and external partners. Finally we already discussed working rules, distributed tasks and brainstormed on how to bring EUJS to the next level and make it even better. 

We also went to visit the Parliamentarium (the European Parliament's museum) together, where we learned about the history and mechanisms of the European Union.