10th EUJS Ambassadors the UN Seminar

10th EUJS Ambassadors the UN Seminar

Date: 21/06/2015

Event type: Seminar

Organized by: European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Do you have what it takes to stand up for the Jewish people and Human Rights at the highest international level: The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva ?

Could you be the next EUJS ambassador to the United Nations ?

In times of great need, decisive leadership and clear-eyed advocacy matter. As the world falls into ever greater turmoil, immediate concerns for the Jewish community abound: Terrorism, anti-Semitism, infringement on freedom of religion, the threat of a nuclear Iran, and the delegitimization of Israel all present stark threats to Jewish life, and we sadly already witnessed the impacts they have on our community.

Through workshops and high profile meetings, EUJS will give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain the knowledge, tools and skills to become an advocate for the Jewish people at the UN. You will be exposed to the highly politicized and bureaucratic world of this institution, learning how to navigate it and how to best influence its decision making bodies.

You will also get the incredible chance to access to the Human Rights Council, enabling you to experience its mechanisms and politics. Finally, you will act as the Ambassador of European Jewish youth, raising the concerns of your peers on a variety of topics such as the treatment of Israel by the international community, the Iranian threat, the ongoing genocides around the world and the discrimination against minorities in Europe.


If you believe you can be one the next EUJS Ambassadors to the UN, then act quick and apply today! Participation is competitive. Deadline is May 6th.


The seminar will take place between 21st - 25th of June 2015. Only the ones who participate in the entire seminar are eligible to attend.


Cost: Participation fee, including program, kosher food and accommodation of 90 euros for students under 25 and 150 euros for young professionals plus travel costs.


If you want to apply, click here and fill in the application form:



Each participant will be able to submit a two minute speech.

EUJS will choose the best one and give the opportunity to the author to speak as official EUJS NGO-representative in front of the Human Rights Council!

The European Union of Jewish Students will focus on Item 4, that is to say “Any Human Rights situation that requires the Council’s attention”.

You feel like you could be the one speaking in front of the Human Rights Council ?

Then write a 2 minute speech (300 words) related to Item 4 and send it to events@eujs.org.

For more information about the HRC and access to the working documents of the 27 last  sessions, access the HRC Extranet:


Username: hrc extranet

Password: 1session