Negotiating Identities - A Training Seminar on Minority Issues for Leaders of Jewish, Armenian and Roma backgrounds

Negotiating Identities - A Training Seminar on Minority Issues for Leaders of Jewish, Armenian and Roma backgrounds

Date: 21/10/2014

Event type: Seminar

Organized by: European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)

Location: Tbilissi, Georgia

«Diaspora», «Minority»… Terms that we as a Jewish community encounter often, and at times have an ambivalent relationship with. Also the Armenian and Roma communities of Europe bear similar labels and have endured a history of marginalization and persecution. Therefore, EUJS and its partners have decided to tackle the question of minorities and diasporas and of their relationship with public authorities in a joint seminar for young leaders.

The seminar will take place in Georgia, a country where minority cultures are numerous and vibrant.

Many Jewish projects involve some form of access to public resources: A public space, project funding, media attention, help and advice or the supportive presence of a public official. How identities are framed and perceived plays an important part in deciding on the allocation of these resources.

This seminar aims to explore this topic and to develop participants' ability to deal constructively with identity issues in order to ensure the success of their projects and to help them play a fuller part in public life.

Identity issues are particularly complex where diasporas are concerned. The presence of young people from many different European countries, with experience in the Jewish, Roma and Armenian communities will allow for a uniquely rich exchange of experience on this topic. Exchanges with  leaders from different minorities in Georgia will also contribute considerably to the exchange.

Seminar participants will be expected to contribute to the production of a «good practice guide» to serve as a reference and inspiration in future projects and initiatives as well as to sharing their experience through various media after the event. A video report will also be  produced and broadcast to help disseminate this unique experience.

To apply, please fill out the online application form and submit your CV to Application deadline is August 14th 2014.

Please note: Seminar funding will be confirmed in August. Travel and accommodation expenses to the seminar should be refunded for selected participants providing that this funding is confirmed. 

This seminar is organized in partnership with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), Hayartun (Tbilissi, Georgia), the European Centre for Minority Issues Caucasus (Tbilissi), as well as the ERGO Network of Roma organizations, each of which will contribute their experience in leadership training to the programme.