Connecting Muslim Jewish Actions

Connecting Muslim Jewish Actions

Date: 28/01/2017

Event type: Seminar

Organized by: European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Come be a powerful voice within Muslim-Jewish dialogue. Together with young activists from all over Europe, we seek to improve and strengthen Muslim-Jewish cooperation and social action across the continent. We aim to:

- Provide a networking opportunity for both local and international initiatives;

- Add to a Muslim-Jewish dialogue tool kit;

-Conceive joint actions;

- Promote the work and projects of participating organizations to the press and institutions.

EUJS has a long-standing commitment to interfaith and intercultural dialogue as a crucial element for building an inclusive Europe. In 2008, EUJS helped write the European Youth Forum's "Living Faiths Together – Tool Kit on Interreligious Dialogue in Youth Work", together with other faith-based youth organizations. Eight years later, we still draw from those recommendations and materials, but now emphasize that Muslim-Jewish relations require a specifically tailored approach and guidance to overcome distrust and misinformation between the two communities. As part of the European network "Connecting Action" and together with partner organisations such as the "Muslim Jewish Conference" and "Dialogperspektiven" we aim to bring European activists together to amplify their voices.

Wanting to take a practical approach, we will focus on actively reshaping and adding to the "Living Faiths Together" toolkit. We concentrate our attention towards three main topics:

- Prejudice and Xenophobia;

- The Israeli-Palestinian conflict;

- Gender equality, LGBTQI Rights and intrareligious dialogue.

Please think which of these areas you would like to contribute to and mention this along with the rest of the required information in the form below.

Participation fee: €50

Accommodation and vegetarian catering are included.

Travel costs are reimbursed by EUJS.

*** Arrival on the 28th, departure on the 2nd, after 18:00 ***

Apply by filling out the form below:

Deadline to apply: January 11th 2017

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