Say Toda on Purim!

Say Toda on Purim!

This Purim, we would like to show our appreciation and gratitude towards all those who have, and continue to, protect the expression of Jewish life: shabbat and holidays, weddings and bar/bat mitzvas, study circles and youth group meetings.

It is the sad reality that Jews around the world require protection. For many years already, most Jewish communities organise their own protection, or even have police guarding their institutions and schools. Anti-Semitism and terror attacks on Jews continue to rise, as we have experienced most recently in Paris and Copenhagen. While we strive to combat anti-Semitism in the long-term, the need to secure synagogues, community centres and schools is an immediate priority, so that Jews can continue to live their Judaism within a community.

It is a mitzvah (commandment) to give Mishloach Manot on the day of Purim: sending at least two different items of food or drink to another person. The reason behind this is to ensure everyone has enough food to celebrate the holiday of Purim, but also to increase love and friendship between Jews, thereby diminishing Haman's (the villain of the Purim story) wicked ways.

This particular Purim, we encourage you to spread love and friendship, and to thank those people who dedicate themselves to our safety by giving Mishloach Manot to your local security guards, community security organisation, police or political leaders (anyone, really, who you feel has made the safety of Jews their priority).

Don't forget to also upload a pictue to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #TodaOnPurim16

To download a Mishloach Manot card, click here.

To visit the official campaign website, click here.


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