Theodor & I - Zionism and Young European Jews

Theodor & I - Zionism and Young European Jews

EUJS is launching a campaign for Yom Haatzmaut to listen to and empower young European Jews and their Zionism. Young Jewish Europeans will meaningfully describe what Zionism means to them in 21st Century Europe. Such promotions will take the form of a video interview, a blog post, and other relevant forms. The plurality of Jewish European identity & Zionism will be highlighted throughout this campaign.

Find all the Blogs below:

Bini Guttmann: Let's Change How We Talk About Zionism in Europe

Ruben Gerczikow: What Does Zionism Mean Today? A European View

Ilan Selby: Zionism: The Need to Mainstream

Anna Staroselski: Jewish identity through the eyes of a Zionist

William Elgan & Samy Schrott: The Importance of Socialist-Zionist Education in the 21st Century

Olaf Stando: Being a true friend of Israel means speaking out when its founding values are under attack

Caterina Cognini: Zionism: The Reason to Step in

Oliver Friedmann: To be Free in our Homeland

Jonathan Braun: A Unique Standard for Peace

Ephraim Kahn: Of Zionism, Education and Future


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