EUJS Responds to Terror: Statement against Incitement

EUJS Responds to Terror: Statement against Incitement

In the past several weeks, Jewish Israelis have been the target of acts of terror with intended murder. Terrorism is yet again hurting the Israeli population as terrorists are attacking civilians by using edged weapons and ramming vehicles into bus stops. This gruesome reality has led to further escalations in Israel, destabilizing its internal security and adding fuel to the geopolitical threats with which Israel is already faced. It's terrorism in its truest form: its goal is to create a general sense of panic by paralyzing an entire society.

As the European Union of Jewish Students we stand behind the democratic foundations of the state of Israel, and we encourage coexistence within and around it. We strongly oppose utterances on behalf of politicians who support murderous attacks or who choose to remain silent. No political contention can reasonably justify hate incitement, war pledges or the support of terror, as recurrent acts of terror move people away from peace.

We call upon European leaders to condemn violent demonstrations and instead encourage peace activism as a response to the latest escalations. While we do not have the power to resolve competing national interests, such as those of the Israeli and Palestinian government, we have the strength to voice ourselves against hatred and warfare. We ask people to not lose hope and to not establish an atmosphere of hatred on European streets. We have the opportunity now to show our support towards those who promote hope, dialogue and coexistence and thereby give them strength to keep their important work going.

In these turbulent times, we stand in solidarity with every single person and family who has suffered under the volatile circumstances which take place within and around Israel.


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