Freedom for the Uyghurs: Never Again Right Now!

Freedom for the Uyghurs: Never Again Right Now!


Right now over a million Uyghur Muslims are being held behind several layers of fences, barriers and sophisticated surveillance, in vast, industrial-scale concentration camps in the Chinese province of Xin- jiang.

The Chinese government is persecuting its Muslim minority population through a ruthless, industrialized campaign of brainwashing, torture, and dehumanisation.

In the concentration camps, leaked files revealed that people are forced to eat pork, drink alcohol and denounce their identity as Muslims. Detainees are forced to take pills, injections, and are subjected to sterilization procedures, medical experiments and organ harvesting.

The machinery of the Chinese state, actively aided by corporations such as Huawei and passively aided by the indifference of the rest of the world, is being used to silently strip the Uyghurs of their human rights. China is committing a cultural genocide.

And yet, the world's silence on this issue, regardless of a few periodic spikes of punctuated attention, has been deafening.

Millions of people are currently in industrial Concentration Camps – not Extermination Camps. As Jews, a people who have endured genocide and statelessness in the past, we cannot be quiet. Every year we say "Never Again!" for us, this has to be more than an empty statement. That's why we fight antisemitism. That's why we believe we need to act now in solidarity with the Uyghurs. We are mandated by our history to be as loud as we can in the face of genocide. Never Again Right Now!

The fight for human rights and Jewish rights is one fight, and in that spirit, we say: it's time to stand up, be counted, and act to stop the Uyghur cultural genocide.

As young Europeans, we believe in championing and strengthening diversity in our societies. China is threatening those very values. As Europeans, we can speak up. We still have the opportunity to shape how a world with China as a global super-power will look like. So we must stand in solidarity with those whose diversity is under attack.

That's why EUJS and JSUD – together with young Jewish student leaders across Europe and the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) – are launching our ambitious action-focused campaign to put pressure on China, raise our collective voice against injustice, and break the world's silence on the Uyghurs' plight.


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