Mitzvah Day is a day to give back & make a difference and it took place on November 19th, this year. EUJS once again joined the movement to bring about some positive energy on an autumn Sunday. While we aim to produce constructive social outcomes through all our programming, Mitzvah Day was a lovely occasion to unite with other Jewish organizations and unions under one common action and remind people just how much each of us can do to impact those around us on a daily basis.

The EUJS Brussels team decided to tidy up the streets of its neighbourhood. After picking up a few garbages items found, we came to realize the streets of this area were quite clean, a fact that could only brighten up our day, as well as the environment, of course. We then chose to brighten up the day of people in need, leaving on the streets of Brussels. We brought some food and drinks and spent a sweet afternoon, getting to better understand their stories, they so eagerly enjoyed sharing with us.

In a world where problems are omnipresent, making no matter how big of a good deed is a must. A little mitzvah can count as a huge mitzvah to some and most importantly, let's not forget that Mitzvah Day can be Every Day!


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