Mind the Vote! (past campaign)

Mind the Vote! (past campaign)

In May 2014, EUJS ran the following campaign:

We at the European Union of Jewish Students, as the umbrella organization of 35 national Unions representing over 200 000 Jewish students across Europe established this campaign together with our member unions to raise awareness among young Jewish voters, but also youth in general, throughout Europe.

We want to address topics such as discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections that are more relevant than ever due to the rise of populist, extremists and far-right parties in many EU member states.
By promoting hate-speech, discrimination and racism, these parties not only threaten ethnic and religious minorities but are a danger to all European Citizens, our rights, but also the entire democratic system and values upon which the EU is founded.
We believe that there is an urgent necessity to sensitize young voters about these issues and encourage them to actively oppose these worrying developments in Europe by voting in the elections.
The Mind the Vote! website - www.mindthevote.eu - is providing detailed information about the upcoming election, the rise of populist parties throughout Europe but also their political counterparts and their involvement in fighting these important issues that endanger the European Values.
In cooperation with our national unions we set up an interactive map of Europe with country profiles to showcase a helpful overview of the political parties and developments in regards to the upcoming elections.
This campaign provides you with a detailed analysis of national campaigns, parties and developments. Lets unite beyond borders, ethnicity and faith against discrimination and racism.
The upcoming European Parliament elections gives you the unique opportunity to make a significant impact – go use this website as a tool to educate yourself and take a stand against the rise of populist parties!
Go vote on May between 22nd to 25th in your country!


Visit Mind the Vote! website - www.mindthevote.eu - and post and engage by posting and tweeting under #MindtheVote


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