EUJS commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

EUJS commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is a UN initiative which is dedicated to the commeoration of the victims of Nazi prosecution during the Second World War. Every year since its estalishment in 2005, communities around the world have taken the time to remember the immense loss of life and the horrific acts of terror against a whole list of different groups of people who were persecuted and deemed sub-human.

This year, in preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day, EUJS are campaigning to raise awareness for Holocaust survivors who are currently living below the poverty line. These individuals often moved to Israel after their families were destroyed during the war and are now strugling to survive on the basic benefits they receive from the government. In raising awareness, EUJS is therefore promoting the Israeli charity, Latet, who specialise in providing hands-on assistance to survivors who very often live alone and without the sufficient care they so need. Our campaign will be promoted under the hashtag #Life4Survivors and will be used in adjacent to posts, videos and personal stories that will be visible on our Facebook page and on Twitter throughout the day.


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